We partner with business owners to build the value of their companies, strengthen business continuity, develop a solid exit plan, and advise them on their wealth

As a business owner, you devote a tremendous amount of time building and running your company – developing a competitive brand, hiring and retaining high-quality staff and key employees, maximizing cash flow, sustaining attractive employee benefits, protecting assets and managing risk, and much more.

Zeller Kern provides a wide spectrum of planning capabilities for business owners. Our advisors are credentialed and experienced to help build the value of a business, plan for an owner’s exit, develop a continuity plan, establish an asset protection plan, and other financial planning issues.

We work with you to make your business thrive. We help you build the value of your business, plan the transition out of your business, minimize taxes, reduce risk exposure, and help you build and preserve your wealth. We can serve as your advisor during your years running your company and after you have transitioned out of it.

The advantage of partnering with us

The advantage of an advisor with our capabilities is that we address your situation and provide our services from a planning perspective, and can cover many crucial areas related to your business as well as the priorities with your personal wealth, if needed. When we develop solutions for you, we bring your other advisors – CPAs, estate attorneys, and others – into your plan in a way that is efficient and cost-effective, and you remain in control. We are the business owner’s wealth advisor.

Providing solutions for:

Building Business Value

Business Exit Planning

Asset Protection Planning

Tax-Efficient Wealth Accumulation

Family Wealth Transfer

Developing a Family Legacy

Retirement Plan Consulting

Cash Management

We invite you to explore the possibilities

To learn how we can help your business and begin a collaborative relationship to build and preserve your wealth, call us at (916) 436-8270, or email us at askme@zellerkern.com.