We help physicians and dentists grow their medical practices, manage and preserve their wealth

StethoscopeBuilding a successful medical practice brings many rewards as well as responsibilities. Your patients depend on you. Your colleagues and employees depend on you. And of course your family depends on you.

Doctors and dentists devote a tremendous amount of time to their patients and their practice. They often have several professionals helping them juggle the various facets of their financial lives, missing many opportunities to improve the practice, make it more tax efficient, and build your wealth. It is important to have investment advisors, CPAs, estate attorneys – each provides important advice – but how to bring it all together?

That’s where Zeller Kern can help.

Our wealth management planning brings all aspects of your financial life into one cohesive plan. We simplify and streamline the process, working with your other financial professionals to bring all the important information to one place. The result is an integrated wealth plan that is clearly defined, comprehensive, and proactive. Zeller Kern is uniquely positioned as a financial advisory firm to help physicians and medical groups grow their practices and protect their assets. We understand the complex issues facing medical professionals, from decreasing reimbursement rates to the protection of assets from a legal system that favors entitlement. We also understand the day-to-day business realities of running a practice.

At Zeller Kern, we help you grow, manage and preserve your wealth with specialized retirement planning for doctors and dentists, and deferred compensation planning.

Building and Systematizing Your Practice

Planning Your Retirement

Investment Management

Risk Management/Insurance

Deferred Compensation

Ongoing Wealth Advisement

Integrated Advisor Service

We invite you to explore the possibilities

To learn how we can help your medical practice and begin a collaborative relationship to build and preserve your wealth, feel free to call us at (916) 436-8270, or email us at askme@zellerkern.com.