Zeller Kern Wealth Management Articles on Financial Advice and Financial Planning

Making the Final Preparations for a Comfortable Retirement

As a person draws nearer to the time of retirement, confirming that one has the required capital to do so and properly segregating and structuring those asset dollars is vitally important. If a person has been disciplined and focused for several years, he or she has accumulated enough investment assets to generate the required income supplement to accommodate their retirement lifestyle... Read More

Supercharge Your Retirement with a Cash Balance Plan

Many business owners look for opportunities to maximize their time, their productivity and their sales. Often times they find themselves entrenched in running and managing their business, with little time devoted to planning for a successful retirement. Until recently, cash balance plans have been relatively unheard of, but their high contribution limits and powerful tax savings features have attracted a lot of attention. As a result, over the last several years, cash balance plans have become a popular solution to help business owners maximize their retirement savings... Read More

The Creation of an Ethical Will

Ethical wills are a useful tool for passing onto loved ones and later generations our wishes, memories, values and traditions. Many affluent individuals and families are becoming more and more familiar with the concept of passing on wishes and instructions to loved ones in the form of a written document or a video recording... Read More

How a Business Owner Can Effectively Plan Their Exit

Many business owners are finding it difficult to retire or transition out of their business due to a lack of exit planning together with a challenging economic environment. The reality is that selling or exiting a business, is probably the single most important decision an owner will make. Instead of blindly hoping to sell their business "one day," an alternative is for the business owners formulate a thoroughly planned exit strategy in order to sell or transfer their business for maximum value or compensation in the most tax-efficient method... Read More

How Family Governance Can Help Your Family Preserve Wealth for Generations

Acquired wealth can act as a blessing or a curse for a multigenerational family. It can let families experience comfort and freedom in their lives and allow them to contribute to the community. Or it can promote overindulgence, laziness and lead to tension and fighting within the family. Without a solid plan, a family can expect to sit by and watch their financial assets disappear in the process of handing down wealth to new generations... Read More

Organize a Family Retreat to Begin Your Legacy Plan

If you are a first or second generation family of accumulated wealth, going through the exercise of formulating a family legacy plan can prove to be very beneficial to your family for many generations. A legacy plan is a carefully crafted plan that goes beyond traditional estate planning, that addresses the accumulated wealth in a family and how best to utilize it, preserve it, and positively impact your family for many generations... Read More

Preserving the Three Kinds of Family Wealth

The health and growth of the family is vital for many who have wealth. The wealth creators, who often earned wealth with sacrifice and risk taking, hope that their wealth is preserved and can impact the family positively for many generations... Read More

Seven Key Items to Consider Before You Hire a Financial Advisor

Often times, choosing an advisor can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Financial Advisors come in every shape and size and with a variety of qualifications. They work for big companies on Wall Street down to small firms on Main Street. The good news is that a careful examination can be done to help make your advisor search easier... Read More

Effective Tax Planning for Business Owners

Owning your own business has many benefits. You can set your own hours, choose your income, take vacation time when needed and you will certainly get along well with your boss! However, being a business owner also comes with some challenges, one of which is tax planning... Read More

Successful Financial Planning is More Than a Document

A successful financial plan or a plan to address accumulated wealth requires much more than an assembled report or analysis with recommendations. Many times a person that is nearing retirement or has accumulated wealth has a written plan created and then shortly thereafter, finds it to be stored on a shelf or in a drawer and is never really looked at again... Read More