Investment Management

Prudent, proactive, risk-averse investment management

We offer a number of options and approaches to managing your investment portfolios. We carefully plan, prepare, manage, and monitor your investment portfolio according to your wealth objectives, and do so in a way that is objective, tax-efficient, and risk cognizant. Our advice is independent. We use no proprietary investments.

We provide investment portfolio management for individuals, institutions, foundations and endowments. This includes:

Strategic/tactical investment management

Tax-efficient and tax-free income portfolios

Cash management

Preservation portfolios, and

Alternative investment strategies

Our Approaches

Tactical Investment Portfolios

If you are an investor who desires to have an investment process that seeks to achieve growth but also to avoid the significant losses that were experienced during the 2000 or 2008 market declines, then this approach is worth looking into. Avoiding significant losses is twice as important as achieving gains.

We have worked hard over the years establishing our Advance and Preserve approach. Our proactive investment discipline enables us to position your portfolio to pursue long-term growth, while also enabling us to shift quickly to a preservation strategy during uncertain economic times.

Strategic Asset Allocation Portfolios

We offer a more traditional Strategic Asset Allocation approaches that can serve as a well diversified investment tool to help you achieve your investment, retirement, or life goals.

Our approach to Strategic Asset Allocation portfolio management is designed to pursue consistent, long-term, risk-adjusted returns on your investments. Your portfolio allocation is based on your personal investment objectives and consists of a percentage mix of asset classes. Through a rigorous fiduciary process, our investment committee ensures that your portfolio stays in line with your objectives.

Individual Equity and Bond Portfolios

In some instances, we carefully select and utilize outside managers with expertise in a specific investment strategy. This gives you the opportunity to have third party institutional-level management in one or several areas of your portfolio.

This approach gives you the potential benefits of owning individual equity or bond securities as part of your allocation, and do so in a way that is actively managed by an outside professional money manager, and is continuously evaluated and monitored by our due diligence process. Whether this strategy is used as just a portion or for your entire portfolio, we have the ability to customize a portfolio to suit your wealth objectives. In addition, we will review these accounts to oversee and track the progress towards your goals.

How we manage your portfolio

Through Commonwealth Financial Network, Zeller Kern offers access to fee-based portfolio management. Our investment portfolio guidance is governed by our in-house investment committee and six-step Focused Wealth® Investment Process. We model our policies and procedures through the industry’s fiduciary standards.

We are accountable to you

We expect you to hold us accountable for our performance, and we give you the tools to do so.

Transparency of fees. We explain our fees in detail, up front. You will know exactly how we will be compensated for our services.

Detailed reporting. Each quarter, we provide a detailed performance report, enabling both of us to evaluate the results relative to your stated objectives.

Portfolio monitoring. We monitor your accounts regularly to ensure that your portfolios are secure and consistent with your goals.