Steps Towards a Thriving Retirement

Whether it is writing a story, beginning a major project, or setting course to achieve a significant goal, often the hardest part is writing the first few words or taking those first steps. However, with your retirement plan, we have eliminated that difficulty.

We have identified specific steps in a well thought out process to create a customized retirement plan, just for you.

The steps to take:

Have a Purposeful Conversation

Gather all of the necessary data and documents

Confirm your needs and priorities

Review the Draft Plan –

Review your retirement scenarios, income analysis, major expense planning, tax savings, investment analysis, strategies, and portfolio stress test, risk tolerance, manage debt reduction, outline a family legacy, analyze social security benefits, and accommodate life goals, etc.

Review Final Draft Plan

Implementation meeting

Schedule first review to track your plan

Our Process:

Through our Focused Wealth Process, we guide you through discovery of the important components and requirements to achieve a fulfilling, happy, healthy, secure retirement, and help you retire with confidence. We journey with you, manage the results, and anticipate and identify future needs.

We invite you to explore the possibilities. Call 916-436-8270 or 866‑536‑6131, or email us at