Let us help increase the value and profitability of your company

For many business owners, their company is likely the most valuable asset they own and their financial success may depend on it.

The good news is, we can help small to medium sized business owners dramatically increase the value of their company (what they can sell it for), improve the stream and predictability of revenue, dramatically improve profitability, and gain greater control of the operations, by adhering to the “Value Builders” process.


The credentialed advisors of Zeller Kern, work with CEOs of small to medium sized companies by applying this “Value Builders” process which addresses 8 critical areas that impact the value of their company.

We begin our engagement with you by establishing a “Value Builders Score”, which will be your starting benchmark, to determine where you currently stand in comparison with your industry peers and the estimated current value of your company.

Obtaining your “Value Builders Score is easy, free, and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Complete your score, and one of our consultants will set a time with you to virtually review your score and give you suggestions on how to move forward.

Get Your Value Builder Score

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