You suddenly find yourself holding considerable wealth, and, perhaps, not knowing what to do, how to protect it, how to keep it from vanishing, and how to make it work best for you. The truth about wealth is that it is often twice as hard to keep it than it is to obtain it.

Whether your “Sudden Wealth” is from a considerable inheritance, a legal settlement, or a sale of a business, careful planning and many considerations need to be made.

We can help you achieve clarity and confidence about your future by addressing all of the critical issues with protecting your “Sudden Wealth,” and make it work for you as productively as possible.

Have a Purposeful Conversation® with one of our credentialed and experienced advisors and give them the opportunity to listen to you, gain understanding of your needs, help you develop a well thought out plan to protect your wealth, make it last, and work best for you.

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