Zeller Kern Advisors provide business owners with services to protect and maximize the value of your business, and eventually exit on your terms.

We provide customized planning services, including retirement planningbusiness exit planning and value building, asset protection solutions, cash and short term investment services, buy/sell and continuity planning, risk management reduction planning, retirement plan design, family legacy development, tax planning and more.

We help business owners think differently about their business in ways that increase their profitability, the multiple they can sell it for, how best to transition to an employee or family member, and make their business more valuable and meaningful for them and their family.

Perhaps you’re wondering…

The Investment team at Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors can work closely with you to determine the right cash or short term investment portfolio that reflects you liquidity and stability requirements.

The advantage of partnering with Zeller Kern

The advantage of an advisor with our capabilities is that we address your situation and provide our services from a planning perspective, and cover crucial areas related to your business as well as the priorities with your personal wealth. In developing solutions for you, we collaborate with your advisors – CPAs, real estate attorneys, and others – to ensure a plan that is efficient and cost-effective, and you remain in control. We are the business owner’s wealth advisor.

We would be more than happy to have a Purposeful Conversation® with you, to listen and explore ways to potentially build the profitability of your firm, increase its marketability, increase employee satisfaction,  prepare for your exit, increase your retirement savings, and better protect your assets.

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