We provide customized planning services, including comprehensive retirement planning, investment management, asset protection planning, family legacy development, tax planning and more.

Through our advisory and planning services, our fiduciary financial advisors help determine your vision for your family’s future and develop a plan with timetables. Our analysis and ongoing wealth advisement is a comprehensive approach to managing your investmentsreducing your tax burdensafeguarding your assets, and preparing your heirs for financial success.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

We help you carefully plan your new chapter in life, and address all of the crucial planning areas to help make your retirement years a fulfilling success, and do so with clarity and confidence.

Investment Portfolio Management

Our firm provides investment portfolio management for our clients that helps enable us to position your portfolio for long-term growth, and also enables us to shift quickly to a preservation strategy, when conditions warrant us to do so. We analyze market cycles to help anticipate where the best opportunities of growth are, and position assets accordingly while remaining risk cognizant.

At Zeller Kern, we utilize Investor360° for clients to access and view their investment portfolio

Planning for Safeguarding Your Assets

Asset protection planning may be a vital area of planning if you have accumulated wealth. It is vital to plan well ahead of an unfortunate event such as a law suit, issue with creditors, etc. We help you find and implement solutions to safeguard your assets.

Wealth Succession Planning

With decades of combined experience, our team coordinates services with other professionals to ensure financial goals are met. Reviews of your trusts and estate, educational expenses and charitable intent are all taken into consideration.

Tax Planning

Our wealth advisors, along with a C.P.A., can help you plan ahead to help you minimize your tax burdens. We help you analyze your estate and investments to identify the potential opportunities for tax savings.

Wealth Vault® 

Simplify your life and keep your financial data and vital documents in one secure place

Do you know where all your assets are, and what they are worth? Zeller Kern’s exclusive Wealth Vault organizes data on everything you own in one secure place, so you can get a clear picture of your assets. Learn more about Wealth Vault®  here. 

Multi - Generational Legacy Planning

Zeller Kern has expertise to help guide a family through a journey to develop a multi-generational plan to preserve accumulated family, but also design it to help the family members thrive emotionally, have a greater purpose, and maintain the family unity.


We are happy to be there for you, to listen and earn your trust... to help you simplify your financial picture, and bring clarity, confidence, and greater control into your life, with a thoughtful customized solution that is delivered with a highly personalized and proactive service experience.

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