The truth about family wealth…

70% of plans to transition wealth to the next generation fail.

So, what makes a transition to future generations successful?

By engaging in a thorough process. To begin, the current generation needs to determine the family’s vision, mission, and financial philosophy. Next, the family must recognize that “family wealth” equals “family capital,” which equals “family potential,” and that there are three forms of family capital: financial capital, human capital, and intellectual capital. The latter two must flourish before the financial capital can survive.

Most importantly, this process must involve the entire family.

Some important questions to explore:

  • What difference will we make to the lives of our children and grandchildren?
  • Will our family values be passed along with the wealth and impact how it is used?
  • How will our family wealth impact our community?
  • How can we keep the family together throughout the generations and encourage each member to thrive to the best of their talents?

There are few resources in the marketplace that focus on preparing heirs to inherit wealth in a healthy way, and prepare them to be good stewards and thoughtful, responsible administrators.

Good news – We have the process, tools and resources to help you begin this rewarding and vital journey with your family.

Have a Purposeful Conversation® with one of our credentialed and experienced advisors and give them the opportunity to listen to you, gain understanding of your needs, and help you begin your journey to successfully pass your wealth onto future generations.

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