Cash liquidity for your business is crucial – so is optimizing its performance and stability

In many instances, our clientele have cash reserves built up in savings accounts, but realize that they need to improve the income on those assets, while maintaining liquidity, preservation of capital, and limit risk exposure in accordance with their objectives.

There are many instances where the need for this service could apply:

  • Build up and maintain cash reserves for future capital expenditures
  • Cash reserves for future executive compensation
  • Invest proceeds from a recent sale of a business or business asset until a well thought out in-depth plan has been developed
  • Provide a tax efficient yield on general cash reserves
  • General desire to achieve a higher return than traditional bank savings

The investment team at Zeller Kern Wealth Advisors can work closely with you to determine the right cash or short term investment portfolio that reflects your liquidity and stability requirements. We then provide the necessary management and monitoring of your portfolio to optimize the performance and coordinate disbursements according to your schedule.

We would be more than happy to have a Purposeful Conversation® with you, to listen and explore ways to potentially build the profitability of your firm, and explore potential solutions for your cash and short term assets.

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