Our Focused Wealth® Process: building and managing your wealth to pursue your life's goals

The heart of our firm’s mission is to help our clients connect their wealth with their purpose. Maximizing the significance of your life and your impact on your family and community makes up the elements of your purpose, producing life fulfillment, peace and harmony. When you determine the important things in your life, your vision, your mission, and your goals, you achieve clarity of purpose.

Through our Focused Wealth Process, we guide you through discovery of the important components and requirements to achieve fulfillment, happiness, and security that will ultimately define your purpose. We then journey with you through the rest of the process to connect your wealth with their purpose, and just as importantly, monitor and manage the results.

Successful wealth management involves a great deal more than growing your investments or planning your estate. At Zeller Kern, wealth management means defining your goals, creating a plan to pursue them, implementing the plan, and managing the results: our Focused Wealth® Process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. What's Important to You?

What are your values, vision, mission, goals and dreams? What do you want your wealth to accomplish – for yourself, your family and your community? We help you define, clarify and understand your purpose. We create a written Purpose Statement that serves as a benchmark for the rest of the process.

Step 2. Create Your Plan

Your wealth advisers now develop the strategies, tactics and tools to address the objectives set forth in your Purpose Statement. Depending on your requirements, our comprehensive wealth planning can include some or all of the following:

  • Goals / lifestyle assessment and clarity
  • Income and cash flow analysis and asset redemption strategies
  • Retirement asset analysis
  • Primary and advanced estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Asset protection / risk management planning
  • Investment planning
  • Stock option planning
  • Education funding
  • Timing and implementation

When appropriate, we bring other professionals such as your CPA, tax attorney, estate attorney, into the wealth planning process.

Step 3. Action Steps

At this stage, we establish investment accounts, portfolios and investment policy statements, implement legacy and estate planning, tax planning, and business exit/succession strategies. We consider the timing of important life changes such as retirement dates, the sale of your business, geographic relocation, etc. When appropriate, we coordinate with the rest of your legal and financial team to implement the plan.

Step 4. Manage Results

This is a critical part of the process – and where most wealth plans fail. When conditions change, we update your plan to address the goals of your Purpose Statement.

Once we have developed and implemented your comprehensive wealth plan, we manage the results with ongoing wealth advisement. We’re strong believers in keeping clients informed. We provide customized quarterly wealth management reports, a formal annual wealth management review, and our exclusive Wealth Vaultt® service. A Zeller Kern advisor is also available on retainer to work with your other financial and legal advisors. You’ll receive our Investment Monitor newsletter, biannual newsletter publications and email updates.

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