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Retire with Clarity™
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Your transition into retirement requires careful consideration and planning. Learn how we can help you plan for retirement with our thoughtful and comprehensive process, backed by our personalized service.

Managing Your Investments

Our advice is independent. We use no proprietary investments. We carefully plan, manage, and monitor your investment portfolio according to your specific wealth objectives in a way that is objective, tax-efficient, and risk aware.

Building the Value
of Your Company

Our Value Builder System identifies the financial gap between where your business is today and where it needs to be in the future and creates a process to help increase the value of your business.

Preparing for a Business Exit

As a business owner, the most important decision you will ever make is when and how to exit your business. Learn how we can help you prepare for this important event.

Protecting Your Sudden Wealth

Zeller Kern is an independent, credentialed, fee-for-service wealth advisory that provides comprehensive planning, investment management and wealth preservation solutions for high net worth business owners and physicians, individuals and families.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

We help you identify and implement ways to reduce your tax burden of your income, business, and estate.


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Effective solutions for growing and preserving your wealth.

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